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Person 3 Testimonial

I had got to a place where I felt as though the world around me was crumbling, all I wanted to do was run away or get out, the emotions and thoughts that I had mostly managed in the build up to my crises were now so overwhelming I wasn’t able to function at work or home.

I really needed somewhere to untangle from the web of confusion, conflicting emotions and unprocessed pain, someone to help me immediately and then guide me through picking up the pieces and moving forward with positivity.

From the outset Ellen created a welcome non-judgemental space to explore who I am, what I was feeling and how I wanted to move forward. I would leave each week feeling like a heavy load had been taken off my shoulders but joyfully exhausted from digging deep.

I would highly recommend Ellen, she restored my faith in humanity, gave peace to my heart and calm to my mind. Her style and manner is calm and assured, meaning our weekly sessions became a place of stability in a tumultuous world.


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