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Person 5 Testimonial

My work with Ellen focussed on both revisiting and reframing my past, my relationship with my family as well as understanding and managing anxiety and social anxiety.

I moved to England as soon as I was old enough to leave my parents with whom I always had a very challenging relationship-at the age of 20-to start a new life. After years, those problematic relationships started to resurface, impeding me from living my life, enjoy friendships and relationships. I remember finding myself crying out of nowhere at the supermarket, waiting for the tube…and so on.

Ellen’s gentle manners and soft way of speaking and enquiring facilitated the process of revisiting painful memories and work with my resistances when approaching delicate topics, respecting my pace but also challenging my beliefs when needed.

Revisiting my old life rather than avoiding it was painful but – as I learned – the only way for me to live in peace, to have motivation to change and have healthier relationships. It was a very painful couple of years and looking back it was all worth it; it has been the biggest investment in my life and I would encourage everyone who is willing to embark in their own journey to make the first step.

She helped me face my daily challenges one day at a time, with the help of mindfulness to gain self awareness when my anxiety was so intense that I was feeling physically unwell. I left therapy after 2 years and what I take from it is that if in 2 years I was able to improve my life this much, by continuing to work on myself I could achieve much much more from life and I believe this to be true for everyone who commits to therapy.


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