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Person 4 Testimonial

I came to Ellen with my heart broken and everything I thought was my life smashed to pieces. On top of that, anxiety exploded in my life at cosmic scales so that I could barely function and do the day by day life.

Through a six months long process Ellen was a lighthouse in the middle of my storm. She steadily pointed me towards truth and freedom but allowed me to find them by myself – so that I would truly grow stronger.

It was a hard process. At times it would feel like I’m going down instead of going up: demounting lies we believe may give us a sinking feeling. But it is always for the better. Imagine you are sliding on ice and the ice starts cracking and that’s scary. But once the ice is fully cracked you realize your feet have found the solid ground that was all the time there, underneath, able to hold you.

Ellen was excellent in bearing with me through the ups and downs. Not only did she guide me throughout those six months, but she helped me develop tools that would stay with me afterwards, in the ongoing process of healing, fighting lies that attack my identity, growing in freedom and strength.

If you feel like you’ve had enough and you’re done with not living your life free from fear and anxiety, I definitely recommend Ellen. She is trustworthy, compassionate and her relentless hope is simply contagious.


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